Xfoos's new patented multi-layer foot. Now there is a foosball man that allows banking, angles, pinning and more as never before

Steve Simon

The new, patented, Xfoos man took 4 years to design. It is the result of my 40 years of foosball experience in understanding what the player needs in order to shoot all possible foosball shots. The design of the man's foot improves the playability for other types of foosball techniques such as bank shots, angle shots, and certain types of passes.

The unique feature of this foot is its multi-layer design. In the inner area the man is designed for pinning the ball and shooting the basic pull-shots and push-shots most players shoot. The outer edges are designed to give the players added capability for shooting shots such as bank shots from the back goalie area, angle shots from the front forward area, and the "chip" pass from the middle passing rod.

The man is structurally designed to give it the maximum strength possible. It was also designed to give the players a better passing capability than other tables. And this man will retrofit most current foosball tables so you can replace your old men with this new man and enjoy an enhanced playing capability not seen in foosball for over 25 years.

~Steve Simon