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What’s up for 2010 in the world of Xfoos?


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Re: What’s up for 2010 in the world of Xfoos?

As some of you know I recently debuted the new “Xfoos” foosball table. This table has many cool features such as the playfield, the colors, and the rod action. We have tweaked the foot for greater banking action, the ball is right, and we have electronics in the table that take it to another world.

So now what? A tour? I decided to setup the Austin Foosball Club. I want to see if the city of Austin can support a foosball club. There will be no alcohol, but will have BYOB. There will only be 8 tables to start. We have pictures on the walls of the old time pioneers. It should be fun. We will try to setup leagues, have some tournaments, have some clinics/lessons, sell merchandise, and more. A “new-old fashioned” foosball club is what this will be. People will practice and train here.

Once we have players playing we will then have regional tournaments and possibly a TX tour first. But it is the goal to have a great foundation of players that love this table and play it regardless of money. Money should not be the reason folks play on this table.

What are we going to do to get new players? We are going to get people in here via leagues, tournaments, parties, lessons, off the street, and any way we can figure out how to. I want to see if “Joe normal corporate guy” would want to come play foosball after work. I want to see if a club like this can make money. And if it can then foosball is definitely not dead. And if it can support itself then foosball is more than just a bar game – which we all know it is. It is the draw itself.

And I want to tweak out this timer device we have developed. We need to see if the players mind playing under time restraint. If these tables were going out on location I would most definitely set them on the time limit game. The games in bars have to turn faster. And this device makes the game set to a pre-determined time. So, you can play 2 ways:

A. Have a pre-set amount of time to play as many point as possible or,

B: Play to 5 points, but if the game goes over 6 or 8 minutes (setable) the game is in sudden death and you have 2 minutes to finish the game whether you get to 5 or not.

The tradeoff is this…

…if you play to 8 minutes you are guaranteed 8 minutes, but may just get 3 or 4 points.

…if you play to 5 points against someone good the game shuts off at 5 whether it took 5 minutes or 3 minutes and you do not get the extra time or the extra balls. At 5 points the game is shut off.

Now that being said, along with 6 timed tables we have a table in the club with a coin-mech on it and not on time – similar to the normal table with 9 balls to 5 points. This allows us to test our mechanical vending device and make sure there are no glitches. Even though I think this game is on the way out (hopefully) I still have a table like this to sell to the hardcore player/operator that just wants a simple 5 point game table and is not ready for timer feature. We also have a home table in the club. We are going to offer renting the table by the hour to see if that is the way some folk may want to play – just relaxed foosball by the hour like they do in pool.

We should be open in about 10 days barring any city issues and then we can see how these concepts will work. And if we are successful here with this concept we would like to have others get on board with us. Would you want to setup an XFoos club in your city? Think about it. As we tweak things here in Austin we will be looking at our price structure. Can you buy 8 tables? Not ready? Well, if you want Xfoos tables for your city I’ll give some considerate discounts to get the ball rolling. Just call me and lets chat. But I think the club idea is the way to go. Putting one or two tables in a bar is okay if that is what you want to do, but I feel that the way to create synergy, have tournaments, leagues, etc., is the club concept.

Lastly, Phil Kennedy has been telling me he is going to do an interview with me for his magazine. I hope we get together soon so we can talk about my ideas, his ideas, and foosball in general.

Steve Simon

PS – Here is a link to pictures of the Austin Foosball Club. (4 table shown)

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