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My First Post

I am sitting here as I write thinking back to Christmas night 2003. It was a lonely night. I went to my favorite restaurant that night kind of depressed (the place is called “Paradise” no less). I was sitting at the bar thinking about the Las Vegas Warrior tournament that had taken place in November. I am sure many of you were there. I thought about the future of foosball and wondered if Warrior was the answer.

Steve Simon premieres Xfoos

Steve Simon premieres Xfoos

I decided that night to design the Xfoos table (folks don’t know but I have been a part of 5 table designs in the past including Dynamo, Striker, and more). I wanted to make this table special. I took a napkin from the bar along with my trusty “fine” point pen and started to draw a new looking table. I thought about all the things we could do to make foosball better.

Coming from the “old school” I wanted a universal foosball foot – something that could bring back the bank shot and chip pass. I wanted a different playfield. How about a better light I thought. And on and on – and I started to develop the concept for this table.

Well, the project grew and grew and here we are, finally, almost 6 years later ready to show the world a new foosball table. Along the way I looked at different ways to market and promote the table. I pulled ideas on how to run tournaments from the USCF and USTTA (US Chess Federation and the US Table Tennis Association). We will see these used in the spring of next year.

But most important, and I truly think this is the new way foosball will be played, we developed a timed foosball table (patents pending) complete with electronic LED timing and scoring. It even has timeout buttons on the side to stop the clock. The balls are ejected one at a time. It is a beautiful table! But, will players like it?

As I looked at the way the current game is played I realized the foosball rules do not work for timed foosball. So, I re-wrote the rules (sorry ITSF) and came up with the rules of timed foosball (someone had to do it) and called the game EXTREME FOOSBALL or Xfoos for short. Will the current players change over to this style of play? Well, maybe not. But I bet new kids that have never played the game will embrace it. And the look of the table makes it fit right at home in the arcades. I think this will be the foosball table the arcades can embrace and with it a whole new group of kids that will play foosball that never had played it since most foosball tables in arcades are “in the back”.

But what about the current players and bars? Well, the Xfoos design has spun off 2 other games. I decided, due to the cost of the electronics in the table (buttons, boards, LEDS, etc) we should go ahead and make a cheaper mechanical foosball table for the current players. I feel this table will compete heads-up in playing capability against any table that has ever been made. The rods are fast, the man plays great, and the playfield is nice. I am still honing down the ball, but am very close to the exact ball (bear with me – I think I got it). And we made a home model too! It is a nice table for the home.

But, the prices seem a little high right? Well, this is a well built table. It costs more to build a quality table – especially if it is built in the USA. Until our volume is higher the cost will seem a little higher than a Warrior or even a Tornado. But, if you buy our table and do not like it just ship it back and I will refund you 100% of the money no questions asked (well – maybe one or two, but you get the money back).

And what about “merch”? I want the new kids to look and act like foosball players! They need a glove (yes a glove). And they need a bag for their towels. And they need shirts and hats and visors! That is our new crop of players and I have put together some merchandise they will enjoy. And since they will be playing timed foosball don’t be surprised if 5 man shooting comes back into vogue and other things you need if you are losing by 1 point with 30 seconds left in the game (think about it)!

Finally I want to invite all the players at the Bart O’ Hearn tournament to come up to the shop for the dinner break on Saturday evening to play on these tables and have dinner on us! We will have a buffet of food served (chicken wings, sausage, etc.) and you can play on the new tables. All are invited! And then the tables are going out into Austin for a thorough workout! Xfoos has come to Austin!

Steve Simon

2 Comments to “My First Post”

  1. billhfoos says:

    Great job. Best of luck with xfoos. I can’t wait to win the first tourney.

    Talk to you soon.

  2. Robert A.K.A / WayneLong says:

    Just wathed the video on the new Table looks cool.
    Realy cant wait to play on this table soon.

    XxX FOS

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