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Xfoos Promo

Carlos at This Week In Foosball put together a great promo video for us.  Check it out and be sure to comment!

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3 Comments to “Xfoos Promo”

  1. Bob Collins says:

    I think the videos are great ! I think the interview was as well. The only questions I have would be : If you want to use the display to keep score, can you without having to play a timed game ? And, would you have the choice of timed or not ? What if you just wanted to practice your shots etc.. ?
    I like the tables and the enthus for foos !

  2. admin says:


    We have an option to turn off the timer, but if you were doing that then you don’t need all the electronics just to keep score when beads are just as good and cheaper. So…the best solution finally is to offer a game with time and a non-timed mechanical game.

    However, if you just want to practice your shot you would still get the same time. You would come out ahead then since you would still get 8 minutes to practice vs. 9 balls. I bet you can shoot more than 9 balls in 8 minutes right? So enjoy the practice time!


  3. Zephyr Carroll says:

    Hey that was my hand in that video.

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