Steve Simon is a designer, engineer, and 31-year member of the coin vending industry. Steve played his first game of foosball in 1969 at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, Tx. In 1975 Steve won the national foosball championships on the Tornado and Tournament Soccer foosball tables – a feat that no one had accomplished at the time. He continued to play in foosball tournaments and won many tour events and several more tournament titles until retiring.

He worked in the foosball industry for the company Mountain West, Inc. (importer of the Tournament Soccer foosball table) and traveled for the company in a marketing capacity dealing with the distribution network of the coin vending industry. He went on to work at the Tornado foosball factory and then worked for the Dynamo foosball company as Products Manager. He also worked for Striker manufacturing (builder of soccer tables) in Long Beach in ‘91 with Johnny Lott.

Steve eventually designed his first foosball table called Spaceball in 1994. That design led to his next design of another foosball table called the Professional table in 2002. Finally, that design led to the current electric Extreme Foos table. The technology in this table led to the filing of 2 patents that are pending as of this date and encompass 9 features new to the sport of foosball. The designs of the Xfoos table include an electric coin-operated model, a mechanical coin-operated model, and a non coin-operated home table.

Timeline of Accomplishments

1969 – Started playing foosball against military “GI’s” stationed in San Antonio, Tx.

1975 – Won the San Antonio city championship, Texas state championship, the Tornado national championships in singles, and the Tournament soccer table’s single national championships in singles

1975 – Mentioned in Sports Illustrated magazine for foosball accomplishments

1976 – Runner-up in the national singles championship. Played on the foosball tour winning numerous titles.

1976 – 1978 – Numerous tour titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events

1981 – 1993 – Steve worked for 3 different foosball companies including the Tornado, Dynamo, and Striker foosball companies in many different capacities.

1994 – Steve designed his first independent foosball table which he called Spaceball which led to the Professional model

2001 – Steve was inducted into the Foosball Hall of Fame. He received this prestigious award in a ceremony in Las Vegas.

2004 – Steve designed his current Xfoos foosball table. Xfoos stands for “Extreme foosball” and this is what Steve plans to bring to the world of foosball.